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america branch, 663 tamalpais drive. heather holmes is on the scene. we are going to get to her in a minute. right now she is gathering information. as soon as she is ready we will go to her. >>> the death count in japan, 1900. some officials 10,000 people are dead from the earthquake and tsunami, which they upgrated today to a 9.0. a japanese news agency said 2,000 bodies washed up. 3,000 other are reported missing and 450,000 more are staying in shelters. tonight concerns over a melt down at one of the nuclear plants in japan are mounting following a hydrogen explosion that fukushima daiichi plants. all of the plants lost their cooling system in the earthquake and tsunami last friday. a travel warning today for u.s. citizens, not to go to japan unless absolutely necessary. flights have resume in japan. 1200 american citizens are in the northeastern part of the country. >> in the bay area, the red cross and san francisco leaders are coordinating fund raising efforts for earthquake and tsunami victims in japan. they have met with a representative from the japanese consulate who
of involuntary manslaughter but the jury found him guilty of derilection of duty. >>> america's involvement in libya. a demonstration this morning. one of nearly a dozen taking place at the end of the week in major cities across the country. the organizing group answer coalition said america should not be launching another war while vital public services are getting cut at home. >>> house speaker john baynor demanding president obama outline america's goals in libya. a senior u.s. defense official said u.s. war planes are responsible for more than 90% of coalition bombing runs overnight. secretary of state hillary clinton says the quickest way for the libyan leader moammar gadhafi to end this is to step down. >>> california voters seem to prefer senator diane finestein over barbara boxer. exclusive new field poll finds 48% approve of senator finestein's job performance compared with 42% for senator boxer. 40% also disapprove of senator boxer's work in washington. >>> california's cup runeth over. >>> after years of drought the reservoirs are full. perhaps too full. i'm consumer editor with
america's cup, it is in san francisco right now. it didn't sail here, it was brought here in pieces on another boat and you'll find out why. there's an interesting reason, it's coming up next. >>> first, let's take a look at the numbers. stocks closed higher partly due to a report. the dow closed at 10,926. we'll be right back. ougog t bk. atst fwa. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte, wi cseuidesi hise a de. yr arho, ke sp rwdte, >>> the oracle arrived early this morning in san francisco. it didn't sail here, but instead arrived in pieces. the mask is too tall. it's said to be the ambassador for the america's cup race. the boat arrived two weeks before a new study is set to be released. the study will show how much the property deal will cost the city of san francisco. >>> well mark is here with sports. i don't think i have seen too many people excited about spring training. >> the real deal is always the best. when you are a baseball fanatic, you take what you can get. a couple interesting stories developing for the giants played out on the field today. one is this kid, brandon
in america, you know, leaders of muslim communities but they don't have that. >> reporter: mike says the hearing is whipping up paranoia. >> that's what happened when we were incarcerated. >> reporter: american-muslim group says the focus of the hearing is too narrow. >> a hearing that focuses on one community, would be counter productive. >> reporter: peter's list of witnesses include keith, the first american's muslim elected to congress. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> berkeley is vowing to fight a lawsuit alleging it looked the other way involving an attack on a jewish student. she was holding a sign in support of izraal. >>> aaa is predicting gas prices could top $4 a gallon by the end of the week. prices increased 50 cents in the past month. san francisco's average hit $3.97 today. in oakland and san jose, expect to pay $3.93 on average. the bay area technology will lead california out of its job deficit. california will face a double digit unemployment rate till the beginning of 2013. but business investment and technology and electronics will create the first signs of
fares this year. delta american, jetblue, american and airtran, also virgin america have also increased their prices. >>> the obama administration is considering tapping into the strategic oil reserve to deal with the soaring gas prices and to protect economic growth. president obama's chief of staff, william daley, said yesterday the option of utilizes the emergency stockpile is on the table. the reserve contains $737 million barrels of oil. >>> on wall street, stocks closed lower this morning as the gas prices kept rising, amid fear the fuel prices will hurt the economy. the dow closed at 12,090. the nasdaq closed at 2,746. >>> researchers today are hailing what may be breakthrough in alzheimer's disease. new at 6:00, john fouler tells us -- fowler tell us there's new hope for stopping that disease. >> reporter: self-killing plaque clogs the patients of -- the brains of patients, alzheimer's. >> i have to -- i still read books and sometimes it's gone. i read the paper, sometimes it's gone. >> reporter: we've learned what scientists have made what may be a breakthrough. researchers say
with homeowners calling for foreclosier reform. this one began in front of a bank of america. organizers say californians are paying the price for the greed of big banks. >> we bailed them out. our economy bailed them out. we are collapsing. the poor have been targeted. >> demonstrators came out to show their support for a new bill announced today. the legislation is designed to help people stay in their homes and provide monetary relief for communities rocketed by foreclosier. >>> the state legislator is considering a law that requires online retailers to collect a california's sales tax. overstock will stop doing business with california if it passes. the company says it terminated relationships in every state where this legislation passed. last month amazon made the same threat. >>> starbucks are in talks to aquer pete's coffee. starbucks is seeking to buy pete's within the next 18 months. they have 192 stores and a loyal falling. >> i hope it's untrue. starbucks is a big corporation. doesn't have the personal touch. >> he was reported to be the inspiration for starbucks starbucks. >>> th
of america is different. as president i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. >> reporter: john mccain spoke after the president. he said in general he supported president obama's effort but he also questioned why the president wanted moammar gadhafi out of power but wouldn't commit to a military plan for a regime plan. >> if we end up where moammar gadhafi could cling to power we could see a reenactment of what happened after the first gulf war. >> reporter: president obama said that is one reason he didn't want to commit to ground forces in libya. ken waynektvu channel 2 news. >>> plutonium found at the news- democrat no, ma'am in which. -- at the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant in japan. high levels of radiation were also discovered in sea water off shore from the plant. as we told you, uc berkeley researchers who are monitoring found increased radiation and have been testing rain water and right now testing tap water. early testing on milk says increased radiation will not be harmful. >> smaller than the radioactive we find normally in
minutes in sports, the president's advice for both sides of this dispute. >>> the first america's cup race in the bay area is only 16 months away. and today ktvu learned about a closed door meeting in san francisco between regulators and environmentists aimed at attacking one of the sticky issues surrounding the rate. the environment. john fowler is live now with how both sides are scrambling to beat a deadline. >> reporter: it's a spectacular evening out here on the bay, chilly but just beautiful. look at this. to protect what makes this so special and still pull off the world's premier sailboat race, san francisco is turning traditional environmental review on its head. >> i can't wait, it's going to be like we're battling for it right here. >> reporter: sailors worldwide are already planning trips here. environmentists are weary. >> right now the boat yards around the bay area generally are in very bad shape. >> reporter: there's concern about raw sewage and contamination from boat work. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come. >> reporter: chopper 2 shows us its a massive
this is afternoon when the driver lost control on the 101 off-ramp to the great america parkway. no one was injured. but one of the passengers says this accident was absolutely terrifying. >>> going on a ride and spinning really fast but you know you are safe. here once i started seeing the branches i was afraid that the branches go through the car, you know, somebody would end up really, really hurt. >> the chp is reminding drivers to slow down, increase your distance between other cars and avoid flooded areas on the roadway. >>> at this hour, highway 84 is still shut down in san mateo county. the office of emergency services says fallen trees and downed power lines are blocking the roadway between skyline and portola road. the problems started at 6:00 in the morning. we are still waiting for word on when that road will re-open. our storm watch coverage continues online. has a slide show of the rain and the hail we showed you and live radar for the area where you live. just click on the storm watch tab. >>> there are dramatic new developments in the crisis in libya tonight. late today, pr
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9